Do it with an Attorney


Do it with an attorney for $399 + Government filing fee

* The USPTO filing fee is $250 or $350 for each class of goods or services in the application

A licensed U.S. attorney is available for your questions before filing.

Comprehensive USPTO database conflict search.

Legal opinion on the odds of the success of your trademark will be drafted by an attorney and emailed to you.

The attorney drafts your federal trademark application.

Attorney overturns minor USPTO Office Actions for free.


Also includes the following should it be required:

A free second search on the alternative mark if needed.

Cease and Desist Letter (Free)

A Cease and Desist letter is often a first step to enforcing your trademark. Use the letter to warn potential infringers they need to stop using a similar trademark to yours or face legal consequences.

Transfer and Assignment (Free)

Use the Transfer and Assignment letter if you need to legally change ownership of your trademark and assign it to another party in the future.



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