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We get these questions a lot. Here are our best answers...

Absolutely! Having a killer name is the first step, but securing it with a trademark takes your brand to the next level. It builds legal protection, preventing copycats and boosting customer trust. Here’s how we can help you transform your killer name into a trademarked fortress:

  1. Free Trademark Search: Unleash the search hounds and see if your name is available. It’s a crucial first step before you invest time and resources.

  2. Trademark Class Selection: Navigate the class maze with our expert guidance. Choosing the right class ensures your name is protected in the right marketplace.

  3. Trademark Application Made Easy: Ditch the paperwork dread. We’ll handle the filing process, ensuring your application is accurate and ready to rock.

Don’t let your amazing name be vulnerable. Claim your rightful throne in the brand kingdom with a powerful trademark!

Congratulations on grabbing your dream domain! But hold on – does it automatically protect your brand? Not quite.

Think of your domain as your online address, telling customers where to find you. A trademark, however, is like a legal fence around your entire brand identity, shielding your name and logo from copycats nationwide.

Why a Trademark Makes a Difference:

  • Protects your brand: Stops others from using similar names or logos that could confuse customers.
  • Builds trust and value: Customers associate strong trademarks with reliable brands, boosting your reputation.
  • Legal muscle: Gives you the power to fight infringement and enforce your rights.

While having a domain is crucial, a trademark provides a vital layer of legal protection for your brand’s future. Consider it an investment that safeguards your hard work and paves the way for long-term success.

Confused about these intellectual property terms? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Think of it this way:

  • Copyright protects your creations: Your novel is safe like Harry Potter, your hit song like “Bad Romance”. It stops copycats from stealing your work.
  • Patent protects your inventions: Got the next big thing like the smartphone? A patent gives you exclusive rights to make and sell it for a limited time.
  • Trademark protects your brand: “Coca-Cola” isn’t just the drink, it’s a protected symbol. A trademark safeguards your logo and reputation.

So, whether you’re a creative genius or an invention whiz, remember: copyrights shield your work, patents guard your inventions, and trademarks own your brand story. Now go forth and conquer the world, knowing your intellectual property is protected!

Not quite! Registering your company name with the state protects you from other businesses within that state using the same name. But it doesn’t give you nationwide trademark protection, which is what a registered trademark with the USPTO does.

Think of it like this:

  • State registration: Secures your name within your state borders, like a local fence around your brand.
  • Trademark registration: Builds a national wall of protection, guarding your brand across the entire country.

While using your company name in commerce can create Common Law trademark rights, trademark registration offers a stronger, nationwide shield for your brand. It’s a wise investment for businesses serious about protecting their identity and future growth.

Here’s why registering a trademark might be better:

  • Stronger legal protection: Makes it easier to stop copycats and sue for infringement.
  • Nationwide coverage: Protects your brand coast-to-coast.
  • ® symbol power: Shows customers you’re serious about your brand.

Remember, just because a name is available as a trademark with the USPTO doesn’t mean you can use it as your company name in every state. You’ll need to check state name availability separately.

Choosing between State Registration and Trademark:

  • Budget-conscious: Choose state registration for basic local protection.
  • Growth-minded: Opt for trademark registration for national protection and future expansion.

Ultimate shield: Consider both state registration and trademark registration for maximum protection.

Ever imagine pouring your heart into building a brand, only to discover another company with a confusingly similar name or logo? Nightmare fuel, right? That’s where a trademark search comes in – your superhero against trademark trouble.

Here’s why it’s crucial:

  • Dodge legal bullets: A quick search can reveal existing trademarks that might block your application, saving you the headache (and hefty expenses) of rebranding later.
  • Sleep soundly (and legally): Avoid potential lawsuits and infringement claims that pop up when your mark is too close to another. Remember, legal fees aren’t exactly dream ingredients for your business.
  • Boost your brand’s superpower: A unique and distinctive trademark sets you apart, making your brand memorable and valuable in the eyes of customers. It’s the secret sauce that keeps them coming back for more!

So, before you proudly launch your brand, invest in a trademark search. It’s a small step that can prevent big problems and pave the way for your brand’s epic success story.

Choosing a trademark class might feel like picking a destination without a map. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the 45 avenues of brand protection!

Here’s how to find your perfect match:

  1. Know Your Goods and Services: Before diving into classes, list everything you offer or plan to offer under your brand. Are you crafting handmade jewelry? Brewing specialty coffee? Designing software? This inventory is your starting point.
  2. Explore the Trademark ID Manual: This treasure trove, available on the USPTO website, lays out detailed descriptions of each class, from clothing (Class 25) to educational services (Class 41). It’s your GPS for navigating the trademark landscape.
  3. Think Specific, Not Broad: Resist the urge to cast a wide net. Choosing overly broad classes might dilute your protection or invite challenges. Focus on classes that precisely match your goods and services.
  4. Consider Future Plans: Envisioning expansion? Include classes that align with your growth trajectory. This safeguards your brand as you venture into new territories.
  5. Seek Guidance When Needed: Feeling uncertain? Trademark attorneys and search and classification services like TrademarkRite can offer expert navigation. They’ll help you pinpoint the right classes for maximum protection.


  • Accuracy is Key: Selecting the correct classes ensures your trademark stands guard over its intended domain.
  • Review and Revise: As your brand evolves, revisit your class choices to ensure they still reflect your offerings.
  • Research is Your Friend: The USPTO website offers a wealth of resources to guide your class selection journey.

By choosing classes strategically, you’ll build a fortress of protection around your brand, empowering it to thrive in its rightful marketplace niche.

Generally, expect a wait of at least a year, but you don’t have to put your brand on hold while waiting for approval! The important thing is that you can start building brand recognition and protection right away by using your mark—and the TM symbol—as soon as you file your application.

While the average USPTO wait time is currently between 12 and 18 months, here’s some good news:

  • Our efficient processing: On our end, we work fast. Your application will be reviewed and submitted to the USPTO within just 2-3 business days.
  • Rush processing available: Want it even faster? Opt for our 24-hour rush processing and get your application submitted in a flash!

Remember, the USPTO workload and potential application complexities can still affect the overall timeframe. But we’re here to streamline the process as much as possible, so you can focus on building your brand while we handle the registration journey.

Need to fine-tune your application faster?We’ll strategize and optimize with laser focus, ensuring flawless submission.

Start your trademark journey today and unleash the power of your brand while you wait!

Absolutely! Here’s why:

  1. Own Your Masterpiece: A new line deserves a unique identity, and a trademark makes it yours and yours alone. No copycats allowed!
  2. Build Customer Loyalty: A strong brand name fosters trust and recognition. Trademarking your new line’s name strengthens that bond, attracting loyal fans.
  3. Market Like a Champion: Trademarks unlock a world of marketing magic. Think targeted ads, social media buzz, and exclusive brand experiences.
  4. Block the Brand Bullies: Imagine a competitor launching a similar line under a confusingly close name. Ugh! A trademark shields your investment and avoids brand confusion.
  5. Future-Proof Your Brilliance: Your new line might just become your next empire. Trademarking its name now protects your future growth and potential.

So, should you trademark your new line’s name? The answer is a resounding YES! Think of it as planting a protective seed that lets your brand blossom without fear. We can help you choose the right class, navigate the application process, and ensure your new line makes a trademark-tacular debut.

Remember, investing in a trademark is investing in your brand’s future. Let’s make it shine!

Building a brand takes time and effort, so protecting it is crucial. But when it comes to trademarks, should you crown your company name or your logo? Let’s break it down:

Company Name:

  • Broader protection: Guards against any confusingly similar name, even if someone uses it in a different logo. Think of it as your brand’s superhero shield!
  • Less prone to change: Names usually stick around longer, maximizing the value of your investment.


  • Visual powerhouse: Delivers brand recognition at a glance, etching your image in customer minds.
  • Flexibility for the future: Logos can evolve with your brand, while names stay the same.

The Verdict:

Choosing your champion depends on your specific needs:

  • Budget-conscious: Prioritize your name for broader protection with one investment.
  • Visual storytelling: Go for the logo if your design is the heart of your brand identity.
  • Future-proof: Opt for both if long-term stability and visual power are key.

Remember, trademarking is a strategic move. Consulting an attorney or using USPTO resources can help you make the best decision for your brand’s reign!

Absolutely! Non-profits, social media groups, and even book clubs can shield their identities with powerful trademarks for their names, logos, and even slogans. But here’s the catch: they need to meet the trademark game’s rules.

Protecting Your Social Mission: Trademarks keep copycats at bay, ensuring your mission shines without confusion. Think of it as a brand fortress safeguarding your good work and community.

But Wait, Can You Trademark “Sell Tees for Charity”? Not quite. Using social media to hawk goods or services usually doesn’t qualify for trademark protection. However, non-profits can still play the trademark game when they receive or spend funds on activities within their mission. Think fundraising events, educational workshops, or even that cool charity merch you designed.

Unlocking Trademark Classes for Good: Ready to register your awesome brand? Choose wisely! Classes like 35 (Business & Advertising), 36 (Fundraising), and 41 (Education & Entertainment) are your friends for non-profit and social good trademarks.

Bonus Tip: Be prepared to show the USPTO you’re a bona fide non-profit and give them a peek at how you use your mark in “commerce” (even if it’s not selling t-shirts).

Remember: Trademarks are your social mission superpowers. Use them wisely, and your good work will shine brighter than ever!

Imagine this: You poured your heart and soul into crafting that perfect T-shirt design, the one that captures the essence of your brand and resonates with your ideal customer. You’ve built a buzz online, orders are rolling in, and your future as a clothing label looks bright. Then, boom! You see your design plastered on another brand’s website, a cheap knock-off stealing your thunder.

It’s a nightmare every clothing designer dreads. But here’s the good news: you can prevent it. Just like that crucial last stitch that secures your creation, trademarking your clothing brand is the missing stitch that safeguards your future.

Think of a trademark as your brand’s legal umbrella, shielding your logo, designs, and even slogans from copycats and imposters. It’s like building a fortress around your unique identity, ensuring your customers know they’re getting the real deal, with all the quality and passion you’ve poured into your creations.

But wait, isn’t trademarking just for big brands? Absolutely not! Whether you’re a one-person show or a growing label, trademarking your clothing brand unlocks a treasure chest of benefits:

  • Protect your investment: Your designs, logo, and brand name are your intellectual property, just like any other creative work. Trademarks give them legal recognition and protection, so you can stop copycats in their tracks.
  • Boost brand trust and value: A trademarked brand screams “legitimate” and “established,” building trust with customers and increasing your perceived value. Imagine the difference between buying a no-name T-shirt and one proudly bearing a trademarked logo you recognize and love.
  • Open doors to opportunities: Trademarks pave the way for exciting collaborations, licensing deals, and even franchise opportunities. They make your brand a valuable asset, attracting partners and investors who believe in your vision.
  • Sleep soundly at night: Knowing your brand is legally protected grants peace of mind. You can focus on what you love – designing, creating, and connecting with your customers – without the constant fear of imitation.

Trademarking your clothing brand isn’t just about protecting what you have, it’s about unlocking what you can become. It’s about ensuring your unique voice and vision reach the world, unhindered by cheap imitations.

By understanding the value of trademarks and taking action, you can watch your clothing brand blossom into a vibrant, legally protected success story. Don’t let copycats unravel your dreams – grab the needle and thread of legal protection, and stitch your brand towards a bright and authentic future!

Remember, a trademarked brand is a brand ready to conquer the world. Take the first step. Let’s sew your brand’s success together!

Congratulations, tech titan! You’ve cracked the code, birthed a game-changing app, or developed a prototype that’s shaking the industry. But amidst the celebration, a crucial question arises: how do you shield your tech brainchild from copycats and competitors? The answer, my friend, lies in the trademark battlefield, where Classes 9 and 42 clash for your tech-fueled glory.

Class 9: Your Innovation Fortress

Think of Class 9 as your lab’s legal moat, protecting the inventions and research that birthed your masterpiece. It safeguards:

  • Scientific innovations: Own the blueprints, algorithms, and formulas that make your tech tick.
  • Prototypes and designs: Guard the physical and digital blueprints of your future empire.
  • Research and development: Shield your groundbreaking discoveries before they hit the market.

Class 42: Building Your Tech Brand Empire

But innovation deserves a stage, not just a lab coat. Class 42 enters, like a spotlight for your tech prowess. It protects:

  • Software and apps: Own the user experience, from branding to interface.
  • Technical consulting and development: Secure your expertise as the brains behind the tech revolution.
  • Scientific research services: Guard your reputation as a trusted innovator and knowledge creator.

So, Class 9 or 42? The answer is… both!

Think of it like a one-two punch for your tech brand. Class 9 safeguards your core, Class 42 amplifies your voice. But ultimately, the ideal combination depends on your specific tech breakthrough.

Need expert guidance navigating the trademark battlefield? We’re your tech-savvy allies! Contact us, and let’s strategize the perfect trademark shield for your innovation revolution.

Now that’s a fantastic question! Every brand’s journey starts with the spark of an idea, and protecting that spark is where trademarks come in. But let’s be honest, not every name or logo is a legal powerhouse waiting to be unleashed.

Here’s the thing: strength in trademarks comes in layers. We can dissect your brand and see if it possesses these key qualities:

  • Distinctiveness: Can your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace? Is it unique enough to avoid confusion with existing trademarks? Think “Coca-Cola” vs. “Cola-Caco” – distinct rings a bell, right?
  • Descriptiveness: Does your brand name blatantly describe your product or service? Words like “Fast Cleaners” or “Delicious Cookies” might be helpful, but they lack trademark bite.
  • Arbitrariness: Now, this is where things get exciting! Names like “Apple” for computers or “Red Bull” for energy drinks? Purely arbitrary, meaning they have no inherent connection to the product, yet instantly recognizable as powerful trademarks.
  • Acquired distinctiveness: Even descriptive names can become strong trademarks if they’ve developed secondary meaning through extensive use and marketing. Think “Band-Aid” for adhesive bandages – once a generic term, now a brand giant.


Remember, a strong trademark is more than just a name or logo; it’s the shield that protects your brand’s identity, fosters customer loyalty, and paves the way for future success. So, don’t hesitate to unleash your brand’s potential – we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

Feel free to toss us your brand name, logo, or even just a concept, and we’ll give you our expert opinion on its trademark strength. Let’s build a brand fortress together!

Brand protection shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we offer smart, budget-friendly solutions to shield your trademark while saving you money. Let’s break it down:

USPTO Filing Fees: Start at $250 per class (TEAS Plus) or $350 per class (TEAS Standard). 

But don’t go it alone! Hiring a lawyer can be pricey, but our expert paralegals, specialized in trademark law, offer top-notch service at a fraction of the cost. Imagine saving thousands while knowing your brand is in skilled hands.

Transparency Counts: We believe in upfront communication. You’ll get a clear breakdown of all potential costs before moving forward, so there are no surprises down the line.

Here’s how we keep it budget-friendly:

  • Class Selection Smarts: We guide you to the perfect classes for your needs, avoiding unnecessary fees.
  • Paralegal Powerhouse: Our team tackles your case with expertise and efficiency, saving you time and money.
  • Tailored Solutions: We understand no two brands are alike. We customize our services to fit your specific budget and goals.

We believe in smart investments. That’s why our $49 paralegal trademark filing comes packed with value, including a FREE federal trademark search. Skip the guesswork and ensure your brand has a clear runway for success before hitting the filing button.

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